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We are Developers, UX Pros, & Designers

Whether you’re a developer or just interested in technology, DevFaction is a meetup for all levels of knowledge or experience. Each meetup We have speakers for lectures and tutorials of all kinds, for different technologies every month. We provide time to mingle with other developers, time to listen to a lecture about a different topic each night, and time to learn with hands on development tutorials.

DevFaction Admin Team

  • Adam Belliveau

    Adam Belliveau

    since meetup #1
  • Edward Vetter-Drake

    Edward Vetter-Drake

    since meetup #1
  • Leslie Staller

    Leslie Staller

    since meetup #4
  • Eric Wallen

    Eric Wallen

    since meetup #1

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    Our Hands on training instructors & professional speakers

    • Scott Cooper

      Scott Cooper

    • Michelle Coutinho

      Michelle Coutinho

    • Madison Kerndt

      Madison Kerndt

    • Nina Baliga

      Nina Baliga

    • Erty Seidohl

      Erty Seidohl

    • James Hatch

      James Hatch

    • Laura Steadman

      Laura Steadman

    • Bentley Cook

      Bentley Cook

    • Dave Gray

      Dave Gray

    • Josh Forman

      Josh Forman

    • Dan Grollman

      Dan Grollman

    • Edward Vetter-Drake

      Edward Vetter-Drake

    • Eric Wallen

      Eric Wallen